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Based in the UK RP Welding Ltd’s people have been providing top quality welding services for over 20 years. We work with a wide range of materials, to code, and we handle each project with high quality workmanship and great expertise.

Liverpool docks rpwelding ltd

Marine Civil Engineers

Liverpool Docks

The company at Liverpool wanted to create a new ferry port for the Isle of Man Ferry.
This meant that the 100 year old lock gates at Liverpool docks had to be removed to allow a Link span to be built. This will enable the new ferry service to dock.
The problem was that they couldn’t find experienced welder fabricators who specialise in working over water. They needed the right qualified labour.
They contacted with RP Welding Ltd and we supplied them with the expertise they needed. The work is ongoing (2024) and this will allow the Isle of Man to improve connectivity to the mainland. 

Blackpool Tower RP Welding Ltd

Structural Coded Welding

Blackpool Tower

As with all similar structures of that age, Blackpool Tower needs to be looked after and sometimes remedial work needs to be undertaken. RP Welding ltd was tasked with undertaking some remedial work for the owners of Blackpool Tower.
It was a very difficult job as it took place inside an enclosed area that was difficult to get to and tricky to work within.
The standard needed was, of course, exceptionally high. In this case to a specific certification – BS EN ISO. They needed our expertise. The result is that Blackpool Tower’s owners have peace of mind, knowing that our quality work will stand the test of time.

Railway Embankment RP Welding Ltd

Network Rail

Mainline Embankment

On this project RP Welding Ltd worked alongside other specialist companies to repair a slipped railway embankment. The issue for Network Rail was that, while the line was clear and trains were moving, it was a mainline service and the trains could not run at 100% normal speed going past this problem. There were delays for commuters and services were impacted.
RP Welding put the pilings in place for the repairs and supplied the specialist slinger signallers that enabled the project to be completed on time and in budget. Now the mainline is fully functional.

Canal Dredging RP Welding Ltd

Land and Water Company

Canal Dredging, Warrington

Land and Water Company had a platform or pontoon in the canal. They asked RP Welding to weld anchor points to the pontoon to secure the dredger to the platform as it was working.
Later, when the dredging was complete, RP Welding came to remove the shackle points so that the dredger could be taken off the pontoon.
Removal of sea fasteners from a platform is a highly skilled and precise job as the pontoon’s structural integrity has to be maintained. RP Welding did their usual precise and skilled work. Land and Water are happy and the canal is now passable again.

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RP Welding Ltd have worked with GreenC Marine Ltd for the past year on a complex and technically challenging marine piling project. The quality of work carried out by Phil and all in RP Welding Ltd was exceptional as was their work ethic and commitment to the effective and safe delivery of the project.

RP Welding have become an integral part of the GreenC Marine Ltd delivery team and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. I really cannot recommend RP Welding highly enough to anyone looking for a welding and fabrication supplier

Emmet Scanlan,

Managing Director

GreenC Marine Ltd

RP Welding is a very professional company. Phil has a great passion for his work and that of the great operatives he provides. There is no task too small, too big or too complex and it’s always carried out to the highest standards. The guys are very helpful and are always keen to offer advice and solutions. RP Welding is a great company to work with and GreenC Marine highly recommends their services.

Thanks Phil and hopefully we will work together for a long time to come.

Martin Patten

Operation Director

GreenC Marine

We had instructed RP Welding to customise our pontoons whilst on site. Works were carried out to install shackle points to the pontoons to be used to secure plant. RP Welding worked to a high standard maintaining a tidy workspace as required on our site.

Adam Price

Site Manager

Land and Water