Hi, I’m Tina Meilleur. I’m an Executive Coach and Business Advisor. I’m known as The Employee Whisperer by my clients. Yes, that’s really my thing!

What I’ve learned in my own career is that change is always possible and it starts with me. It’s not only about what I do, but how I manage my thoughts and actions in every situation I face. You too can become an Employee Whisperer. You won’t believe how things can change for you!

I help others get the tools and techniques they need to tackle their most pressing issues in real-time. You don’t have to stay stuck in the spiral of stress – you can take very simple actions to break the cycle so you can think rationally and strategically. You can actually deal with those around you in a way that reduces the stress on you and builds their confidence in real time. And that is the key to growth – both professionally and personally.

I’m also a CPA with an MBA and proud to serve as the Chapter Chair for the New Orleans Chapter of the Women Presidents Organization (a female CEO Roundtable for higher-revenue business), the former president of the National Association of Women Business Owners, New Orleans Chapter and I conduct live and virtual programs and trainings for entrepreneurs and business owners.


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